Our revolutionary microbial solutions span diverse market domains with impactful applications

Explore our pioneering microbial solution innovations, fueling an open innovation ethos across varied market sectors. These breakthroughs serve as catalysts, empowering us to craft revolutionary products that redefine industries and drive global change.

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From Health & Nutrition to Biosolutions and beyond, our innovative microbial technologies seamlessly adapt to diverse market sectors.

Health & Nutrition

Elevate health for all - human and animal alike - with our groundbreaking microbial solutions. From personalized nutrition plans for humans, including novel health targeted solutions, to advanced feed additives for animals, we're transforming the Health & Nutrition sector with holistic solutions that empower wellness at every level.


Dive into a world where biosolutions revolutionize beauty, agriculture, and sustainability. Our microbial marvels empower change across Cosmetics & Personal Care, Agriculture & Plant Health, and Environmental & Sustainability sectors. Join us in pioneering a greener, healthier tomorrow for everyone and everything.