DARWIN obtains a CREATEC project to develop probiotics for aquaculture

Funding: Grant for a Technology-Based Business Creation Project (CREATEC-CV 2018) (file IMCBTA/2018/8), funded by Institut Valencià de Competitivitat Empresarial (IVACE) co-financed with funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Amount: 67,223.24 €. The increase in the global demand for fish implies the need of sustainable development in the aquaculture industry. To this end, the … Read more

The Spanish Microbiome Project: a groudbreaking work coordinated by DARWIN

Proyecto Microbioma Español

The results of the Spanish Microbiome Project, carried out with the Instituto Central Leche de la Nutrición Personalizada and the Cátedra Extraordinaria Central Lechera Asturiana-UCM have just been published. This is the first work that studies the composition of the “normal” intestinal microbiome (of healthy individuals) in a Mediterranean country like Spain, which has one … Read more

DARWIN develops an additive for the food of fisheries associated to aquaculture


DARWIN obtains its second CREATEC-CV project to develop an additive that improves the health of fish produced for human consumption, while minimizing the use of antibiotics. This project acquires special importance in the sustainability sector given the current and growing demand for fish. The project, finantially aided by IVACE and co-financed with ERDF funds, is … Read more

ELIIT project: DARWIN and HOSBO join forces to develop VEGANMAT, a bacterial-cellulose based material that simulates leather


The ELIIT project supports SMEs in textile, clothing, leather and footwear (TCLF) to improve their competitiveness and, at the same time, help them integrate new technologies into innovative or high added vallued products, processes or services. Recently, the  proposal between Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence S.L. and Hijos De Oscar Botella Sempere S.L. to develop a new … Read more

Interview with Manuel Porcar, President of DARWIN, by AGORA: Aragón Radio

Manuel Porcar, President of Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence, is one of the winners of the IgNobel 2021 prize in Ecology. He was interviewed on September 17, curiously on the International Day of Microorganisms, by the Ágora section of Aragón Radio. In this interview, he explains the usefulness of microorganisms in the industry and in our day to … Read more

DARWIN participates in the new project ENTOMOPLAST: Insect microbiomes as a tool for the recycling plastic waste from multilayer packaging

Darwin Bioprospecting is one of the partners that will carry out,  with the University of Valencia and AIMPLAS, the ENTOMOPLAST project: “Insect microbiomes as a tool for the recycling of plastic waste from multilayer packaging”. This project will be carried out thanks to the funding received by the Generalitat Valenciana, the Valencian Agency for Innovation … Read more

Darwin has developed Masa Mater, an instant sourdough for making homemade bread

sobre de masa mater con harina

This product is a market pioneer and it’s available on Amazon At Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence we have created Masa Mater, an ecological sourdough preparation that can be used to bake sourdough bread in only a few hours. With our product, you can make high quality bead almost instantly, as it doesn’t require the preparation and … Read more

DARWIN is participating the European project ENZYCLE

logos entidades colaboradoras

Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence S.L. is participating in the European project ‘Microbial ENZYmes for treatment of non-recyCLEd plastic fractions’ (ENZYCLE), a 4-year BBI-RIA that has been funded by the European Commission with 4.5 M€. The main objective of this project is to valorise non-recyclable plastic fractions though enzymatic processes with the goal of obtaining added-value products. … Read more

Adriel Latorre has published an article on Oxford Nanopore’s blog

Our head of the genomics department, Adriel Latorre, has published a guide on metagenomic analysis on Oxford Nanopore (ONT)’s blog. The article is based on results previously published on bioRxiv. In this work, Latorre-Pérez et al., compares available methods for the assembly of metagenomes from ONT sequences and discusses some key aspects that could improve … Read more