DARWIN assists the Digital Summit 2021, organized by Startup Valencia

On December 15 th and 16th, the Digital Summit 2021 was held in the city of Valencia, an event organized by Startup Valencia. The main objective of the organization was to demonstrate how technology, innovation and digitalization can change and transform our daily lives.

The event, held at the emblematic Oceanogràfic of Valencia, collected the seminars of more than 300 national and international collaborators. The event had great acceptance and participation, with more than 5,000 in-person attendees and more than 5,000 online. With the theme: “Inspiring the good future” startups, corporations and investors came together to present the latest developments in innovation and technology.

DARWIN played an active role in the event, with the participation of Manuel Porcar, CEO of Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence, in the “Startups’ Scaling Up Challenge section. 4 Real Experiences.” Manuel, along with Joaquín Costa, Sebastian Rodriguez, and Vicente Navarro contributed with their points of view regarding their own experience in the accelerating process. Manuel emphasized the importance of human resources. To see the complete intervention you can see it in this video from the moment: 6:01:00.

It has been a great opportunity to mention the economic and social challenges that humanity will face in the near future. It is of vital importance to join forces to address the new reality imposed by a pandemic in the best possible way.

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