DARWIN attends the SOUTH SUMMIT 2021, a global platform of innovation that connects startups, corporations and investors

On November 4th, 2021, Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence had the opportunity to attend the South Summit 2021, organized in Valencia this year. This event is considered an international innovation platform that connects startups, corporations and investors. The main objective of this event is to connect people by driving innovation and generating unique business opportunities.

South Summit was created together with IE Business School in 2012. At this time, there was a strong economic crisis in Spain. For this same reason, this project was born under the idea that entrepreneurs would be the new driving force of the economy. This proposal is a demonstration of talent, innovation and business opportunities, with the expectation of being able to connect founders, CEO’S and senior officials of some of the largest companies in the world talking about business strategies, entrepreneurship, financing and other forms of business .


An environment of technical innovation

In the presence of an impressive networking environment, Manuel Porcar, President of DARWIN, was able to participate in the Health category of the session, specifically in the Accelerating Biotech section. He was able to share some of the key factors that influence the continue exponential growth that DARWIN has experienced since its foundation. Manuel explains that, from his personal point of view, optimizing each part of the processes and finding the right people for each role are essential factors when it comes to the correct performance of companies in the biotechnology industry.

Manuel Porcar was able to share his presentation with Patricia Wexler, Managing Director of Starlight Ventures and with Ángela Pérez, CEO of Imegen and President of the Association of BIO companies of the Valencian Community. The three companies shared their experience and trajectory in the biotechnology field, emphasizing the process of seeking investors and strategies for business growth.

You can have full access to the full event in the next link.

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