DARWIN attends the FTALKS 2021, organised by KMZERO

Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence had the opportunity to attend the Food Talks 2021 event, organized by KM ZERO on October 14th and 15th 2021, presenting our new product: Masa Mater by yofermento. KM Zero is an association that encourages startups operating in the food value chain to take them to the next level. In addition, they support companies in the food sector that present innovative, creative and sustainable ideas. It is about a community to create an environment of innovation and communication to support and promote the future of food.

KMZERO: the open innovation hub specialized in food

Since 2019, KMZERO has organized the FTalks events, where some of the leaders of the transformation of the food ecosystem meet. An event based on success stories, foodtech startups and networking, all focused on the transformation of the sector based on values such as health and sustainability is what has been carried out this year in Valencia, Spain. This edition has had the participation of more than 50 international speakers. Representatives from the industry, start-ups, investors, technology and research centers, universities, public entities or accelerators and opinion leaders have attended.

One of the most important challenges our society faces is how to provide the growing world population with healthy and sustainable diets. This implies that a transformation of the way we consume, distribute and reuse food is necessary.

DARWIN presents Masa Mater by yofermento

DARWIN has been able to attend the event presenting its first own product, Masa Mater by yofermento. Masa Mater is a unique combination of microorganisms and wild yeasts that reduce the process of making sourdough bread from 1 week to 4 hours. Faced with the overproduction of food to supply the world’s population, ultra-processed and ultra-fast food has taken control of the food sector, reducing the health of the most vulnerable people. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find high-quality bread, with nutritional properties and with no added sugars, and we neither have time to start making our own bread. In the context of the current complexities of the modern world, Masa Mater was born.

Marta and Helena attended the DARWIN stand to share with the FTalks 2021 attendees the experience of making bread with Masa Mater. In addition, we had the privilege of being able to share the space with some innovative companies in the food sector, such as MIMIC SEAFOOD, Anina or Koroko. The event, which has appeared in La Vanguardia and Las Provincias, has caused a stir on social networks, drawing the attention of the general public given the original and creative ideas that have been presented at the event.

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