Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence wins the Business Career Award organised by CEEI and IVACE

On October 5, 2021, Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence S.L received the first prize in the Business Career category of the 24th Edition of the CEEI-IVACE Valencia 2021 Awards. The award was presented by Júlia Company and the CEEI President, Raúl Royo.

Company has highlighted the “courage of all the companies that opt for the awards, the high participation and the quality of the candidatures, which once again shows the entrepreneurial and innovative potential that the region has. She has also praised the role of CEEIs in this innovative process by identifying opportunities and gathering enough resources to be able to transform creative and innovative ideas into real companies. 

On the other hand, Raúl Royo has recognised the huge effort that the business and entrepreneurial world has done in this very hard pandemic situation. He thinks that these awards should serve as a tribute to all of them and in recognition of their work and effort in these difficult times. He has also highlighted the work of the CEEI, explaining that they have advised more than 8,000 entrepreneurs and helped in the creation of more than 1,500 innovative companies in 30 years.

The winners

Darwin Bioprospecting has been the winner in the Business Path category, thanks to its status as an SME dedicated to microbial bioprospecting. We offer microbiological and genomic analysis services to clients in the agri-food, cosmetic and energy / environmental sectors. This is the second award that Darwin has received in recent months, the first was the Santander X Spain Award 2021 Award. The winning company of the Business Creation Award has been 5G Communications For Future Industry Verticals, S.L.

In both cases, in addition to the recognition that this award implies and the financial prize of € 4,000 in each category, the winner receives personalized advice, help in the search for finantial sources, dissemination and promotion.

We want to greatly appreciate this recognition of our work and our effort. We also wanted to highlight the work of the entire team of Darwin, without them, this could not be possible. Thank you. 

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