DARWIN, beneficiary of the External Promotion Grants of the Valencian Community

DARWIN has been a beneficiary of the External Promotion Grants of the Valencian Community for the year 2023 – Internationalization (file number INTPRM/2023/473). The aim of these grants is to promote the internationalization of Valencian companies and the promotion of their products and services abroad. Additionally, these subsidies contribute to carrying out promotional activities that allow for the increase and consolidation of the presence of Valencian companies in international markets.


This grant has enabled DARWIN to finance some of its international actions during the year 2023. Among them, the attendance of the company’s CEO, Manuel Porcar, along with the Laboratory Manager, Marta Borrego, at the international fair eMerge Americas held in Miami during April 2023 stands out. The eMerge Americas fair brings together technology visionaries, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists from around the world for two days of conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and networking events. Additionally, DARWIN was one of the 110 companies selected to participate in the eMerge Global Startup Accelerator program and the Startup Showcase.


The External Promotion Grant of the Valencian Community also allowed financing the trip of our CEO to Kazakhstan during February 2023, with the aim of receiving the International Quality Innovation Award (QIA). The QIA Awards were created in 2007 by Excellence Finland with the aim of promoting innovative projects in companies and organizations, and to give local and international recognition to the most innovative projects. Their mission is to stimulate the development of innovations to increase the competitiveness of organizations. DARWIN was awarded the QIA award as one of the most innovative SMEs in the world for its search for microorganisms with industrial applications.




Support for the international promotion of the Valencian Community 2023

Received amount: €3,850.37