Probiotics are live microorganisms that can remain active in our intestines and provide health benefits through a variety of mechanisms, including the modulation of our gut microbiota or the interaction with our immune system.

More and more aspects of our health and nutrition can be improved by the consumption of probiotics. DARWIN has a large collection of potentially probiotic strains, both for human and animal use, which have been isolated from multiple natural samples. We also have the knowledge and technologies necessary to develop probiotic strains personalized to the needs of each client.

Sampling and isolation of microorganisms:

We have experience in the isolation of microorganisms from multiple sources of potential probiotics, such as neonatal feces and fermented natural products. We can apply a range of alternative cultivation methods, which allow us to increase the number of cultivable microorganisms from any sample.

Screening and selection:

We have platforms for the high-throughput screening of microorganisms, adaptable to different selection criteria (pathogen inhibition, immune system improvement, vitamin synthesis…), depending on your interests.

Sequencing and genomic characterization:

This service includes the sequencing of 16S ribosomal RNA (bacteria) and 18S / ITS (fungi) genes for the taxonomic identification of the isolated strains, as well as the sequencing of their complete genome.

Personalized advice and implementation:

Once the best probiotic strain has been selected, we will carry out all the necessary biosecurity and stability tests for its use, and in case you wish to include it in a food matrix, we will advise you on the implementation process.

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