Microbiome sequencing

The microbiota is the set of microorganisms associated to a certain ecosystem (for example, our intestine). The massive sequencing of the genetic material of the microbiota (what we call microbiome) allows us to know the identity, diversity and abundance of these microorganisms.
Through the sequencing of the total DNA present in a certain sample, we can identify and quantify all the microbial species present (bacteria, fungi and other eukaryotes). This technology is applicable to the study of any microbiome (soil, water, food, human intestine…). We offer different sequencing strategies (metabarcoding, true metagenomics), and will recommend you the most appropriate depending on your

Massive sequencing platforms:

We offer sequencing based on the Illumina and Oxford Nanopore technologies. In both cases, we apply strategies based on total DNA sequencing, or partial sequencing of marker genes (16S, ITS, COI).

Personalized interpretation:

Our projects do not end with sequencing. After obtaining the results, we will make an interpretation based on the specific objectives of your work, and we will prepare understandable reports adapted to the questions you wish to answer.


Massive sequencing can be applied to aspects as diverse as the human intestinal microbiota, the detection of pathogens in food matrices, or the monitoring of industrial processes based on microorganisms.


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