Energy and environment

Microorganisms are responsible for multiple processes related to the environment, such as the improvement of soil quality and the production of energy, especially in anaerobic digestion processes. In DARWIN, we look for and select the best microbial strains to improve this type of processes. Specifically, we have extensive experience in bioremediation of contaminated environments, and in improving the productivity of biogas generation plants.

Monitoring of microbial communities:

Through massive sequencing techniques, we will analyze the composition of the microbial communities involved in the process, and we will carry out a dynamic follow-up.

Improvement of processes:

Once the microbial communities involved are known, we will identify which microorganism or microorganisms are candidates for biostimulation or bioaugmentation, in order to improve the efficiency or speed of the process


Improvement of plant productivity in organic agriculture, bioremediation of contaminated waters or soils, improvement of biogas production…

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