DARWIN participates in SusPlast: a platform of sustainable plastics

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DARWIN is one of the partners of the private sector of Susplast: an interdisciplinary platform of sustainable plastics towards a circular economy of the CSIC.

The objective of SusPlast is the development of educational activities and strategies aimed at the production of plastics and its recycling, through physical, chemical and biotechnological techniques, in order to achieve the necessary requirements to implement plastics management based on a circular economy.

The SusPlast platform starts with the recovery of waste, the extraction of monomers, plasticizers, additives, etc. for the synthesis of new polymers (plastics) and, finally, it ends with the composting process to finish the life cycle of the new materials developed. Therefore, SusPlast is present throughout the plastics value chain, demonstrating a real circular approach.

SusPlast is a multidisciplinary platform, integrated by biotechnologists dedicated to bioprospecting, enzymatic catalysis, biotransformation, environmental microbiology, synthetic and systems biology, and polymer biotechnology, as well as specialists in materials engineering, functional materials design, surface modification and biomaterials. In addition, it is also integrated by a group specialized in waste pyrolysis for chemical and biotechnological transformation in value-added products.

The general scheme of SusPlast shown below offers an overview of the strategic challenges that must be met: