DARWIN has been present at FEMS2019, the 8th Congress of European Microbiologists.

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Last week, between July 7 and 11, the 8th European Congress of microbiologists of FEMS (the European Federation of Societies of Microbiology) took place in Glasgow.

FEMS2019 has brought together leading scientists covering different fields of microbiology to show the latest developments in this field, as well as to address some of the global challenges we face today: antibiotic resistance, environmental pollution, diseases pathogens, etc.

Kristie Tanner, our R & D project coordinator, and Adriel Latorre, our director of the genomics department, have also participated in FEMS2019 providing knowledge about their latest research.



Adriel Latorre has presented his latest work on microbial communities that produce biogas. It develops a new methodology to study the microbiomes responsible for anaerobic digestion based on MinION, the new third generation portable sequencer from Oxford Nanopore Technologies. Through this system, it would be possible to monitor industrial microbiology processes in real time to maximize the efficiency and profitability of production.



Kristie Tanner has presented her latest work on the microbial communities that inhabit the surfaces of solar panels. These communities are adapted to the conditions of radiation, temperature and desiccation to which they are subjected in this extreme environment, and present a series of characteristics that make them interesting from an applied point of view, for example, their capacity to produce various carotenoids and its antioxidant effect proven in an in vivo model.